We at Powells Walton Solicitors are writing to you the services we are providing to local businesses and clients.

We want new working relationships with our local agents and residents, and we believe that here at Powells, we have a lot more to offer in the way of services than other firms in the area.

We offer an efficient and dedicated service, with most of the work being carried out by Mr Christopher Powell, who many of you will personally know, as he has been herein Walton over twenty years.

He has years of experience in conveyancing and other legal matters, always assisted by his dedicated team.

Through our hard work, we haveformed excellent relationship with companies and the local community, and have high expectations of helping those in the community who need us within the area.

Our experience has taught us that to be able to provide information, advice and legal advice in a fast and friendly manner to those who need it most, is a vital part of allowing local businesses and relations with the public to grow and improve.

We also offer a half hour fixed fee interview with Mr Powell for only £25.

At Powell’s we feel that by providing these services to those such as yourselves, it would prove to be an invaluable source of information in the dealings of all legal matters.

We feel that our company can offer you a friendly, fast,and reliable service, and hope that we can work with you assisting with day to day activities as best we can, in the hope that you will also be able to recommend our services to potential clients in the future.