We aim to resolve family problems such as divorce with understanding and the minimum of upset – especially when it involves children. Our experience suggests that a conciliatory approach is the best way to handle separations, however we are also aware that sometimes decisive action is required.

On the breakdown of a relationship, you need to talk to someone not personally involved who can approach your problems in a professional and unbiased manner.

You will need to know:

  • What part of your joint estate you are entitled to – e.g. home and contents, savings, pension funds
  • How soon you can commence divorce proceedings
  • The best provision for looking after your children
  • How to claim maintenance from your partner or claim Family Income Support
  • In violent cases, how to take out restraining orders


There are many cases that illustrate the problems that may arise when parents and the authorities differ over what is best for a child. While most people would accept that the courts should have a power to intervene to protect chidren, many cases raise very difficult issues for a judge when expert opinion clashes with the beliefs or wishes of parents.

To decide such issues properly, the judge needs the best expert advice in the form of representations from the local authority, the parents, an independent social worker and the child’s solicitor. Only then can the best course of action for the child be decided upon.