Proper advice about managing your estate and speeding the process through probate can reduce the distress that death inevitably causes.

Many people neglect to make a Will which can lead to distress and financial loss to those that survive them. If you die without making a Will, the rules of Intestacy will apply leaving much of your estate open to the maximum rates of tax and leaving less provision for your children.

Home made Wills have been found by independent surveys to be very tax inefficient and likely to be challenged or overturned. In order to be sure that your wishes are carried out it is wise to have a solicitor draft your Will professionally.

We can advise on all aspects of Will preparation:

  • Providing for your family’s financial security
  • Providing for under age children
  • Coping with unexpected events – e.g. the arrival of another child
  • Using tax exemptions to their best effect
  • Trustfunds

We treat Wills as a priority matter and when urgency is paramount can prepare and sign a Will with a single consultation. Home visits are available upon request.