Local Solicitors Beat Tendring District Council

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Tendring District Council tried to stop one of our local taxi firms (Shore Taxis) from using their 6 seater car as they said it contravened policy.

The driver concerned was refused a renewal of his taxi license over this, and was going to lose a lot of work, all booked ahead for the Christmas period.

The driver has been licenced as a hackney carriage driver for years, and has been using his Ford Galaxy for the past three years. Prior to this, he had another Ford Galaxy as they are ideal to use for large numbers of passengers.

A letter from Tendring District Council states that he was granted a Hackney Carriage licence in august 2014 for using his Ford Galaxy with a six seater seating capacity. However, they decided in march of this year that they had made an omission while processing his application for a new licence, and was now subject to a “Licencing Committee Policy” of a maximum of five passengers.

The driver has taken the council to court with our help, and we had the decision over-turned, and the council have admitted that they made a mistake in all of this.

They now have to pay all court fees, our fees and pay compensation to the driver.

On the council’s website, their guidelines for MPV’s, or people carriers as they are called, are both licenced to take up to 8 passengers. The council apparently cannot find a distinction between MPV’s and people carriers at this time.

We believe this story should be published, as. if the council had won this case, then Walton and the surrounding areas would have been without a six-seater vehicle, not just from this company but also other local companies, thereby, making local residents have to call a Clacton taxi to come out, increasing costs, this is something no-one can afford at these times!

We at Powells Walton believe the local population should be aware of this outrage by the local council.

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